Happy Easter,…

A couple of snaps for Easter from our home…

Wee Jerry quite happy sleeping in his old orange box with a cosy knitted blankie inside it, I knitted it the same colours as he is, black silver and white ūüôā

You cant have easter without chickens… can you?? ūüėČ ¬†here is Daisy and Chicken Little enjoying a sawdust bath in their freshly cleaned out run.


The Tale of the Cat and the Cat Biscuit

Today,¬† I bought a brand new bag of¬† IAMS cat buiscuit…¬†

04.05.09 192

It was left on the kitchen table waiting to be¬†put away into the animal food cupboard…

Take one very sly and sleekit¬†birman cat….


Who sneaks into the kitchen when nobody is looking…. jumps up onto the kitchen table and proceeds ……….. to pick

04.05.09 193

and chew………

04.05.09 193

and shred the bag open with his claws…..

04.05.09 194

Until he finally reaches the tiny little brown nuggets that he craves so much!

Why do cats feel the need to do this ?!?!

Birthday Cards Galore…..

I have a day off on holiday from work today, stacks of cards on order, so thought what better a way to spend a morning than sitting at my craft workstation with the sun streaming in the window, making cards ūüôā

I’ve got the cat lying on the far edge of my workstation and a springer spaniel (mits) at my feet, the birds are singing good style outside and its such a lovely sound to hear.

Here are the cards that I have made today..


This card is themed¬†around Hibs football club, a small picture of the club mascot, with a few layers of clear embossing powder to give it some shine…the colour green running throughout with the DCWV Cardstock¬†and the wee guy’s name and age¬†cut out using the cricut machine.


This card is for a girl., and her brother wanted to give her a card themed around Celtic Football Club, so I managed to find and emblem, gave it several layers of embossing powder and mounted the pictures on circles cut out with the cricut, she will be 8 on her birthday so I built that in too and just so that it wasn’t too much OTT with the football stuff, I incorporated some flowers to surround the number 8.. I do hope she likes it.


Next on the agenda was this girlie pink card.. I cut out a 4.5  and a 3.5 inch flower on the cricut, the smaller flower I took one petal at a time, spread with pva glue and then encrusted the petals with clear rhinestones, I did one of the petals in self adhesive pink gemstones.  Then I added some ribbon, a pink striped Heidi Swapp chipboard, a couple of flower brads and I made up a wee tag with Happy Birthday on it.


Next was this card, its for someone at work who’s 50 on her next birthday, I still have to finish putting the happy birthday and her name on the plaque at the bottom of the card.

The card was made using a lovely white and silver backing paper, then I used a light pink shimer cardstock and ran it through the cuttlebug using the floral fantasy folder, a Heidi Swapp chipboard picture frame, a heidi swapp material flower and a yellow card for the centrepiece finishing it off with some lovely American Crafts Elements lush Pink Ribbon.

90th Birthday Card


I’ve been making cards again this evening.

I was asked to make a card for a friend at works mum, who will be 90 at the weekend, if you have been following my blog you will remember last month I made a 90th birthday card for her dad too.

The theme for the card was .. cats or birds or flowers, but not pink, and a happy birthday mum on the front.

I used:

Basic cream card stock from the paper mill shop, the dimpled stuff

I got lovely daisy embossed card at the weekend so used this as the backing paper

A picture of a cat printed out onto canvass type cardstock

Some yellow ribbon

3 Velvet effect flowers from Maya Road and 3 different coloured small round brads from my stock.

I cut out a tag and the number 90 on the cricut machine, threaded some yellow ribbon through the top of the tag, stucj the 90 to the tag itself, then, using a glue pen and clear/white peewee glitters made the 90 sparkly.

¬†Hope she likes it… will update tomorrow with the¬†verdict.

Wee Fluffy Feet

Fluffy FeetOriginally uploaded by TowniesmallholderI was sitting downloading pictures from my camera this morning, because I’d been making choc chip cookies.

Our birman cat just happened to walk past, his wee fluffy legs outlined with the sun streaming in through the window, was too good an opportunity to miss… so here he is mr fluffy feet ūüôā

We’ve had a Busy Saturday!

I got up this morning and compiled a list of all the jobs that we needed to attend to today, it mounted to a fair few!

First job on the list was to head off round to the local pet shop and bought sawdust, straw, hay, Dog & Cat food and cat litter.

Once I came home, I headed up to the top of¬†the garden, where the rabbits reside and set about cleaning them out.. first to get her hutch spruced up was tweed our little grey netherland dwarf rabbit, she’s a lovely wee thing, she’s got a great personality, and she is cheeky!¬†¬† She likes nothing better than to grunt at you for the inconvenience of having to move whilst you clean her hutch out, and if she isnt grunting, she is trying to box you with her front paws lol.¬†¬† We got tweed as a wee rescue bunny from the New Ark Aminal Rescue Centre in Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

Next to get cleaned out was Harry, we got him¬†from the New Ark, at the same time as Tweed.¬†¬†¬†¬† Harry is a bit like a dutch rabbit, he’s a light browney colour with the white banding across his shoulders.¬†¬† He is an absolute gentleman and very calm and placid.

Once I had finished cleaning them out, they both got a wee cuddle, fresh food, water, fresh carrots and cabbage leaves.

Next job on the agenda was the chickens.¬†¬† I set about cleaning out the Eglu, I let the girls out for a wander round the garden whilst I was doing it.¬†¬† Eglu’s are soooo easy to clean out, so it took me no time at all… fresh wood shavings, assembled the eglu, topped up their glug and grub bowls… all done.

Next was the cat litter trays, we have one indooors and one in Jerry’s shed/Run.

After all that I got cleaned up and headed out to see Nancy at the Farm Shop with my daughter.   This week we bought..




Red Peppers

Spring Onions






Red Grapes



and this gorgeous looking wee Courgette (my impulse buy! lol)


After the farm shop, we had an appointment at the beauticians to get our eyebrows waxed, then it was into the car and driving back home.

When we arrived back home, I put away all the veggies/fruit and started to make the tea.. homemade lasagne from scratch :o) and boy was it good (yum) and because I made a huge big dish of it there is enough left for tomorrow too… you just cant beat second day lasagne.

Not so Silly Springer Spaniel

This afternoon saw Hovis our Birman Cat in one of his usual haunts… on top of one of our lounge chairs basking in the afternoon sun.. so I took this picture….


not 5 minutes later our (not so dozy) Springer Spaniel¬†Chunky..¬†took it upon himself to see just how comfy the top of the sofa can be! ….. I managed to get this picture before he got a telling off and sent to his bed!


He thinks that If he doesnt look at me I wont notice him/cant see him !!