A Trip Down Memory Lane….

I took the kids to Pittencrieff Park in Dunfermline today, and it truely was a trip down memory lane for me, I used to live in Dunfermline for 24 years until I got married and moved away to the village where I now live..

Many a time my friends and I would spend time down the glen, long summer holidays spent there.   Some of it still remains the same as I remember it, the only real big change is the animal enlosure, now boarded up and closed down, which is a great shame.

At the bottom of the glen, which lies at the foot of the Old Dunfermline Palace, there are lots of caves and hiding places, some with historical interest… like Wallace’s Well


Just along the path from Wallace’s Well is this lovely bridge….

Pittencrieff Park or “The Glen” as it is known affectionately by the local populace extends to 76 acres and was given in trust by Andrew Carnegie to the people of his birthplace, Dunfermline.

Before it was purchased in 1902, by Andrew Carnegie, Pittencrieff Park formed the estate and grounds of the house, owned by the lairds of Pittencrieff. 

Pittencrieff House Museum

Pittencrieff House Museum is a historic house with a difference. The 17th century shell has a 20th century interior. Although there is no furniture, there are 3 display galleries with beautifully plastered ceilings. Here you can begin to discover, among other things, the history of “Dunfermline Toon”, who was Dunfermline’s giant and what clothes were worn in those days. The story of the house reveals a number of owners, the last of whom was Andrew Carnegie. He never lived in the house however, and eventually gave it to the citizens of Dunfermline.

Formal Gardens


Laid out, colourfully in front of the Glass Hall conservatory is a Formal Garden. In days gone by this area was used by Pittencrieff House as a kitchen garden and orchard. Now developed round the laird’s walk with its own breathtaking vistas of the Abbey and Palace ruins, the garden is a kaleidoscope of colour throughout the spring and summer. It is a peaceful, relaxing setting in which to idle away the afternoon in the warmth of a summer sun.


Completing the formal gardens is the 200ft Glass Hall conservatory. Built in 1973 on the site of the old conservatories the present structure is divided into three sections. The main area with its wooden bridge over the running stream and its regal display of flowers creates for the visitor an entire new world, the exotic plant world. Distributed throughout the three areas the visitor can see on exhibit plants from many countries. Look out too for the exhibit which features the fossilised trees.

We took a wander around the formal gardens which were full of beautiful flowers….





From the formal garden you can look over towards Dunfermline Abbey..


I enjoyed my trip down Menory Lane 🙂


Fish Hands

Fish Hands

Originally uploaded by T o w n i e

This is a picture of a fish that my other half caught in Hellesoy, Norway, earlier this year..

This Photograph was submitted to the Neeps July photography competition with the theme being “Hands”

Norwegian Airport Strikes…..!

Strike shuts five airports

Thousands of travelers were left stranded Friday morning after workers went on strike at five Norwegian airports. Talks between their union and the country’s civil aviation authority Avinor failed to result in a settlement.

Flights in and out of the affected airports were cancelled Friday morning.










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Bergen is among the worst-hit by the walkout, after its airport was forced to close because it no longer had enough staffing to handle an emergency.

The other airports affected are those serving Harstad and Narvik in northern Norway, Molde, Mo i Rana and Mosjøen.

Some workers at Norway’s main international gateway airport, the Oslo airport at Gardermoen (OSL), also walked off the job but OSL was able to remain open. All flights to the airports that are closed, however, were cancelled.

The airport at Kristiansund on Norway’s northwest coast will likely close from Sunday if the strike continues.

Only 220 workers spread over the five airports were taken out during the first phase of the strike, but that was enough to leave the airports short of adequate emergency personnel.

State mediator Svein Longva said the two sides in the conflict “were so far apart that there was no basis to put forward a proposed settlement that could be recommended by both parties.”

The conflict is primarily over wages. Avinor “simply didn’t offer enough money,” said a union representative.

If no progress is made in subsequent negotiations, another 158 workers will go on strike at the airports in Oslo, Alta, Leknes, Sandnessjøen, ,Sogndal, Svolvær and Stavanger from May 20. Oslo’s airport was hoping to keep its international operations functioning. Passengers were advised to stay in touch with their airlines for information on departures and arrivals.

Story courtesy of : http://www.aftenposten.no/english/local/article2426254.ece

You might be asking yourself how on earth has this got anything to do with Townie’s blog?

Well my husband is due to fly home today from Bergen Airport… he phoned me last night in a panic, he is there with 3 of his mates on their yearly fishing trip, they have been speaking with the locals and they reckon their only chance of getting home is to go to Stavanger Airport and try and get their tickets transferred by the Airline… simple you may think… nope…. nothing is ever that simple… Stavanger is a 5 hour ferry ride away, they need to get themselves to bergen and drop off their hired car, get themselves to the ferry port, hopefully get on the boat and get to stavanger before 3.15 today to catch the flight..

To say i’m worried is an understatement… knowing that if they miss this flight, their chances of getting home are slim… Stavanger Airport is going on strike 20th May 2008 (tomorrow).  They are all due to start back at work tomorrow !…

I’ll update later once I find out more as the day progress.

UPDATE :  He managed to Get home!! Yipeeeeeeeee….

  • Left hellesoy at 3am
  • Dropped Hire Car off at Bergen
  • Managed to get a bus to Stavanger – 5 hours journey including 2 ferry crossings
  • Managed to get his flights changed by Wideroe (booked thro’ Opodo they wouldnt help- note never to use again!)
  • Boarded plane at 3.15pm
  • Arrived in Aberdeen 4.30pm
  • Drove home to central Scotland 4 hours (including dropping off his friends)
  • Arrived home 8.30pm (knackered!)

Main thing is he made it home… just in the nick of time as Stavanger Airport has closed down today Story here











The OH Getting in on the act..

I was sitting in bed this evening merrily tapping away on my laptop, when my other half and the kids came up to bed…..

Kids tucked in and sorted out my other half jumped into bed, asked what I was up to… to which I replied, just updating bits n bobs on my blog… why don’t you put a picture of my tattoo on your blog …. hmmmm I thought…. ok..  here it is…..

Its a tribute to his yearly Norwegian fishing trip..  Scottish Saltire Flag and the Norwegian Flag with a wee bit of fish bones thrown in for good measure lol


He reckons its going to get more views than any of my posts so far, but I reckon the post where our Springer Spaniel Dog Chunky Smiling might just pip him to the post… we’ll see 🙂

Looking North ~ Our Walk with the Dogs.

Looking NorthOriginally uploaded by Towniesmallholder 

Its is such a beautiful day here today, the sun is shining and its almost spring-like, a perfect day for a walk with the dogs and the kids.I took the day off work today because the kids are off school for the rest of the week and rather than waste a perfect day we got our walking boots and fleeces on, and headed off across the fields with our dogs.


I have to admit to being a bit of a tree hugger when it comes to this particular tree.. for some reason I think its beautiful and I’m drawn to it for some strange reason… to me it is absolutely stunning.   The top picture is my son standing at the base of it facing north. The rest of the pictures below are of the rest of our walk… the spaniels in true fashion managed to find a big muddy puddle to paddle in whilst our irish setter just seems to run off and do her own thing 🙂

13208-010.jpg   13208-051.jpg   13208-040.jpg 

I took a few pictures of grasses and last years dried out plants.. they look rather stunning against the beautiful blue sky.

 13208-069.jpg   13208-072.jpg

Saturday’s Kitchen

Well today as mentioned last night I have been mainly in my kitchen making and baking away.. that was until I remembered at 2.30 that my daughter and I had an appointment to get waxing done at 3.30 (i’d forgotten all about it eeek!).

Today in the kitchen I made the following : –

Banana & Dark Flame Raisin Loaf (top) banana-raisin-loaf.jpg Oat Cookies (bottom)

Sweet Potato, Red Pepper & Coconut Soup

2 Loaves of Bread  bread.jpg

and some shortbread.

I’m going to sit and have a browse through my cookery books tonight because I fancy making a big chocolate fudge cake.  Plus I want to have a look and see what i can make for Auld Year’s Night as we have friends coming round :o)

Spruced Up Pine Cones

Spruced Up Pine ConesOriginally uploaded by Towniesmallholder

Taken for my Flickr group 7 Days of Shooting.. Its Wk 23 and the theme is Christmas and the Festive Period – today being Shoot Anything Saturday..

I have had these pine cones for years… they came with a lovely bunch of festive flowers that I got from someone .. they were just too nice to throw away so I kept a hold of them.

I never Ate the Tiny Snowball……….Honest!

Tiny Snowball !Originally uploaded by TowniesmallholderI was taking a picture for my flickr group this evening and the dog kinda joined in too…

Its 7 days of shooting, with the theme christmas and the festive season – tiny thursday..

So I decided to take a picture of a tiny snowball that I use for my card crafting, everytime I clicked the camera to take a pic he had his nose so close to it that he blew it across the table lol…

In this picture I put a caption of “honest I never ate it…see?

made me smile a bit so I thought I would share it