A Visit from the Blue Tit Family

The Blue Tit family came to the garden today to show us their new family… 3 little baby blue tits, and they are absolutely gorgeous..

Mrs Blue Tit is looking slightly frazzled, she has been a regular visitor to the garden for the last few weeks eating all the bugs from under the blackcurrant bushes…  I did put out fat balls for them last week but my springer spaniel jumped up, stole and ate the lot, giving him the most god awful skoots !!

Enough waffling and on with the pics of the babies 🙂

Out Walking the Dog

Just thought I would share some pictures I snapped yesterday whilst out walking the dog over the fields 🙂

This for some reason is my fav tree, I have no idea why, I just love it and it makes me want to hug it 🙂

I snapped this rusty old hinge on a wooden fence post

Chunky managed to throw himself into the burn for a swim

And these gorgeous little flowers were growing everywhere, I later found out that they are called Cuckoo Flowers

I called this next picture Dandelion Hill, seeing as this was the only dandelion growing on the hill

Chunky again, this time with his chops tucked in 🙂 .. he had been swimming again!

More Cuckoo Flowers.. they are beautiful

More swimming…

and a few of last years skeletons

Hope you enjoyed the walk 🙂

Oh Baby…..

Just look what I found this morning when I went to check on Brenda Pekin 🙂


Soooooooooooo….. cute

In fact I was excited that much that I took a half days holiday from my work just to be at home… just incase I missed aything 🙂

When I got home at lunchtime I went out and checked Brenda and she now has 2 chicks hatched with one egg just pipped and 2 still waiting to do something.

I shall report back later on this evening…

Mother Hen over and out! LOL


p.s. nearly forgot… they are Lemon Cuckoo Pekin Bantams 🙂

The Baby Birds at the top of the Garden

Baby Bird

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This year our bird house had a couple of wee visitors, they made a nest, laid some eggs, and hatched their babies…

I took this picture yesterday, I think they are blue tits, but I may be wrong, as the parents had a kinda tufty thing going on at the back of their heads…. so I should maybe say they are tits of some kind but not sure which.

Today when I got in from work they were gone… fully fledged and flown the nest… I’ll miss them cheeping away and their parents flying in and out feeding their brood.

I wonder if they will continue to visit out garden.

New Arrivals this weekend….

New Arrivals!

On Saturday 31st May 2008 I head off to Dundee to meet up with Sue from the Neeps Forum to collect the latest new additions to our family.

Their journey commenced in England, at the begining of this week and a total of 2,000 have been saved from the fate of ending up as cat/dog food.

A huge rescue operation headed by a fantastic team of volunteers, has seen them relayed up the country, with drop off points along the way to their new homes.

Have you guessed what it is we are getting yet? …  🙂

I wont keep you in suspense a minute longer then…


We are giving a home to two rescued ex-battery hens, I will do a more in-depth post including pictures this weekend once the ladies are settled into their new home.

p.s. We have not settled on names for them yet … so if you have any suggestions, they would be very much appreciated.




Spring Daffodils

Spring Daffodils

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When we were out and about today I stopped & rolled down the car window to take this picture.

It caught my eye immediately and I think its absolutely gorgeous, the sloping hill in the distance with the trees and little stone dyke right through to the big clump of daffodils underneath the fence to the foreground.

🙂 Spring has sprung …

Greylag Goose on Otterson Loch

Greylag Goose on Otterson Loch

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After our trip to the local garden centre today, it was such a lovely day that the kids and I dropped past Otterson Loch to see if there were any ducks around…

I used to take them there when they were little to feed the ducks, so it was really nice to go back with them today for a wee visit, ableit they are teenagers now… they really enjoyed themselves 🙂

Tomato Plants..


I mentioned the other day that I had bought 3 tomato plants at the local garden centre, and as promised here are the varieties that I bought.   I bought 2 of the above, the variety is called Microtom.


I only bought one of this variety called Totem, they are both cherry tomato plants, cant wait to see what they turn out like :o)