The Edible Garden..

I have spent a fair bit of time out in the garden today, mowing, strimming harvesting, hanging out numerous loads of washing, taking loads of pictures and generally just keeping busy and the garden tidy.

Here are some of the pictures taken from around the garden today : –

First of all we have the rogue sunflower, this beautiful big flower is the result of a seed falling out of the bird feeder and managing to land in a big flower pot, survive all winter and then germinate to produce this : -)


Next up is the final harvest of Peas for this year, we had these with our tea tonight, nothing went to waste as the chickens and rabbits got the remainder of the plants that I cleared from the garden…. theyre all stuffed full with pea leaves and stalks now 😉


Then I harvested some broad beans, this is the first year I have grown them and I love them, they will be back on the planting agenda for next year!   Still have one more harvest left then I will clear the area.


I found 1 solitary onion that had been left in from last year, I actually thought it was garlic, that was until I lifted it out of the ground, I accidentally pierced it a wee bit, so i’ll use it this week… Once I washed all the muck off it I hung it up to dry on the washing line 🙂

Can you spy the springer spaniels tail in the picture lol…. he managed to get in the act all the time!


Finally we dug up some potatoes… some of them were absolutely HUGE… and a couple of them were stinking and rotten for some reason, so we will be lifting the rest of them this week and having spuds for tea all week 🙂


Easter Cards

happy-easter-1.jpg    happy-easter-2.jpg

Its almost Easter, so today I decided to make some Easter Cards, i’ll take them into work with me and put them into my stock box…  the cards were made using the following materials: –

DCWV Spring Sticker Combo Stack

Bazzill Cardstock, Pinkks, blues and greens.

A Yellow Brad

and the actual card itself was from the Paper Mill Shop Cardstock.

Spring Cleaning the Bunnies

Another gorgeous morning here ..

So off I went to the top of the garden armed with a bucket of hot water with a spot of dettol in it,  a scrubbing brush, shovel, bin bag, straw, hay and sawdust … Bunny Spring-clean!

I don’t think that I have posted any pictures of our rescue bunnies on here before, although I’ve probably mentioned them a fair bit… so here they are… Tweed is the Grey bunny and Harry is the Brown and White one 🙂

tweed.jpg  280407-107.jpg

280407-104.jpg   101107-020.jpg

We’ve had a Busy Saturday!

I got up this morning and compiled a list of all the jobs that we needed to attend to today, it mounted to a fair few!

First job on the list was to head off round to the local pet shop and bought sawdust, straw, hay, Dog & Cat food and cat litter.

Once I came home, I headed up to the top of the garden, where the rabbits reside and set about cleaning them out.. first to get her hutch spruced up was tweed our little grey netherland dwarf rabbit, she’s a lovely wee thing, she’s got a great personality, and she is cheeky!   She likes nothing better than to grunt at you for the inconvenience of having to move whilst you clean her hutch out, and if she isnt grunting, she is trying to box you with her front paws lol.   We got tweed as a wee rescue bunny from the New Ark Aminal Rescue Centre in Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

Next to get cleaned out was Harry, we got him from the New Ark, at the same time as Tweed.     Harry is a bit like a dutch rabbit, he’s a light browney colour with the white banding across his shoulders.   He is an absolute gentleman and very calm and placid.

Once I had finished cleaning them out, they both got a wee cuddle, fresh food, water, fresh carrots and cabbage leaves.

Next job on the agenda was the chickens.   I set about cleaning out the Eglu, I let the girls out for a wander round the garden whilst I was doing it.   Eglu’s are soooo easy to clean out, so it took me no time at all… fresh wood shavings, assembled the eglu, topped up their glug and grub bowls… all done.

Next was the cat litter trays, we have one indooors and one in Jerry’s shed/Run.

After all that I got cleaned up and headed out to see Nancy at the Farm Shop with my daughter.   This week we bought..




Red Peppers

Spring Onions






Red Grapes



and this gorgeous looking wee Courgette (my impulse buy! lol)


After the farm shop, we had an appointment at the beauticians to get our eyebrows waxed, then it was into the car and driving back home.

When we arrived back home, I put away all the veggies/fruit and started to make the tea.. homemade lasagne from scratch :o) and boy was it good (yum) and because I made a huge big dish of it there is enough left for tomorrow too… you just cant beat second day lasagne.


We have had gale force winds howling and blowing all last night .. some recorded between 90-105 mph!

I haven’t slept a wink the whole night.. I tossed and turned unable to sleep worrying about our chickens, rabbits and wee Jerry our cat who lives in a  shed converted into a cat chalet with a run…. I eventually got up at at 4am to check everyone outside was ok

 I let the dogs out into the back garden for a pee and switched on the security light so I could see where I was going….almost wished I hadn’t.. My new greenhouse is in bits, the back end is hanging off, panels are missing, blown away in the wind and the roof hatch/window/vent has been ripped off and nowhere to be seen 😦

On a positive note tho.. The Eglu where we keep our chickens is intact and secure, it was just their food and water containers that had blown off the side of their run.

The rabbits were fine, safe and secure, and wee Jerry was tucked up in bed safe and sound, I shut his cat flap leading from his run into his chalet last night so he was fine.

My Oh ran me into work this morning and it took us 2 hours to drive 11 miles, they were only allowing cars across over the Forth Road Bridge.   It was kinda scary driving over it because you could feel the movement in the bridge!.

 Here’s hoping the winds die out soon and we get back to normal

p.s. I’ll see if I can get some photographs of the damage to my greenhouse later on this evening when I get home from work.