Name the Birdie!

Name the Birdie!

This is our Lemon Cuckoo Pekin Bantam girl, isn’t she gorgeous!

She needs a name and I thought i’d ask my ask all my lovely townie blog followers if they would like to come up with a name for her…


Sooo… all suggestions welcome


She’s just tooo cute 🙂


Really looking forward to hearing your name ideas 🙂

The Chicks are doing fine…

Just an update to say that the chicks are doing fine and to post a few pictures.

The Lemon Cuckoo Pekin chicks, picture taken yesterday at 21 days/3weeks old, I know for definate that I have one boy out of the 4,  his comb and wattles are much more pronounced and a brighter shade of pinky/red than the others… he is the lighter coloured one of the 4 hiding at the back, 2nd from the left 🙂

20.06.09 018

This lot are not keen on being photographed, they keep turning their backs on me 🙂 

They are feathering up nicely too, notice their pom pom-like tail feathers, they looks a tad punky at this stage 🙂

20.06.09 008

The little black & partridge pekin chicks are doing fine too… they are a week younger than the others, but coming along good too.. unable to tell if they are boys or girls yet, but have a sneaky feeling that the partridge is a boy.

20.06.09 003

The little black one is my daughters favourite, and out of all the chicks is the only one that has a name so far.. 

Its been given the name Pingu, because it looked like a wee penguin when it was only a couple of days old, eventually all the white fluff will disappear and will be a solid black colour with a bottle green sheen to the feathers, just like Grace and Gloria.

20.06.09 004

Chick Update….

Just thought I would do an update on the chicks… 4 out of the 6 eggs hatched, there was nothing in the other 2 eggs, I can only guess that they were not fertile.

Here is a picture of our 4 cute little babies and Brenda, their mum.

31.05.09 040

They are just lovely and it is a pleasure to have them around… my 2 teenagers have been spending rather a lot of time just sitting watching them 🙂

31.05.09 050

Oh Baby…..

Just look what I found this morning when I went to check on Brenda Pekin 🙂


Soooooooooooo….. cute

In fact I was excited that much that I took a half days holiday from my work just to be at home… just incase I missed aything 🙂

When I got home at lunchtime I went out and checked Brenda and she now has 2 chicks hatched with one egg just pipped and 2 still waiting to do something.

I shall report back later on this evening…

Mother Hen over and out! LOL


p.s. nearly forgot… they are Lemon Cuckoo Pekin Bantams 🙂

1st Pekin Bantam Eggs

Pekin Bantam Eggs

Originally uploaded by T o w n i e

My Lovely wee pekin bantams have started to lay eggs… well Gloria has 🙂

I dont think it will be long until grace starts to lay either, her comb and wattles are starting to get all red and plump..

Brenda on the other had looks like she might not start laying until the springtime… she’s a funny wee thing, also bottom of the pecking order of the trio


Layers & Growers Pellets


Still on a quest to source poultry feed locally, I was surfing the net yesterday at work (during lunch 🙂  ) and happened to find this place  R H Miller, Agricultural Merchants and Traders, Dalkeith, Edinburgh & Lothians.

I gave them a call to see if they supplied poultry feed… and they do! wooohoo 🙂

Its approximately 24 miles away from where I live, so in theory can be classed as “local” as its within a 30 mile radius.

My daughter and I set off at 10am to drive over to their warehouse and pick them up… and that particular branch stocked everything equestrian too!, it was fantastic wandering around their shop looking at all the horsey stuff, I was in horsey heaven and I only went there for chicken feed lol.   I will def. be taking a trip back over there, they had a sale on and had some great fleece’s boots and jackets.

They didnt have any organic growers pellets for the young pekins, all they had was Dodson & Horrell, so I just took what they had… it was £9.35 for a 20kg sack.


They had plenty of the Organic Feed Co Organic Layers Pellets and  20kg sack was £14.50

6 Weeks Old Pekin Chicks…

Here are my cheeps… they are now 6 weeks old, and my friend has helped me to identify the sex of them.

First picture is our black pekin, this wee one really holds itself well and has such a lovely nature… and as I predicted it is a wee girl Yipeeeeee…. I can now pick a name for her 🙂

Then we have a lovely pair of partridge pekins, unfortunately they are both boys, and I am in the process of finding them a new home/s.  I’m quite sad, because they both come to the front of the coop to meet me.

Last but not least Punk Chick.. I literally had to pin this one down to get a picture, it squawked and struggled like hell, i’m amazed I managed to get this picture.. no ideal of the sex yet, but i’ll hazard a 99.9% bet that its a boy too.


Meet the Cheeps : Black Pekin

This is our black silkie chick d.o.b. 18.05.08

I have a feeling this one might (just might) be female, but shall still remain nameless until I know 100%.

I sat up the back garden on the swing seat with this morning with this wee one and it quite happily sat perched on my wrist… I have to admit  this one is my favourite 🙂


Meet the Cheeps Punk Chick (Silkie-X)

Meet Punkie our little silkie cross chick, we always said that we wouldn’t give names to any of the cheeps until we knew what sex they were….

This little one is the exception… it’s wee feathers stick out all over the place and is a mixture between a bundle of fluff and feathers 🙂

My other half is convinced its a wee boy and calls it Sid (as in Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols) because everytime he looks in on the cheeps to make sure they are all ok… punkie is chasing all the others bossing them around and squaring up to one of the partridge bantams..

I’ll post regular updates on the cheeps and take regular photographs of punkie/Sid to chart his/her progress