How the Veggies are progressing…

A bit of a mixed reaction with the growing season so far… it started out great, lovely and warm, then it kinda went downhill after that.. its not been that sunny and it has rained a fair bit, and I think this has had an impact on the veggies growing both in the greenhouse and in the garden.

Here is an up to date report on some of the veggies growing in my garden..

First of all the peas… I have some planted straight into the garden and also some growing in a trough on the high wall..

Both were sown inside the greenhouse then planted out about 2 weeks apart, the result for both is that they have grown about 10 – 12 inches tall (not really that big), they have produced pea pods, but not that many of them, I’d be lucky if there was enough to serve up onto one plate let along freeze a bag of them so we could enjoy them in winter.. so verdict on the peas 1/10 really disappointed.

Now on to the tomatoes in the greenhouse… I have around 10 plants all seemingly doing well but not a lot of fruits, in fact I had to take 2 off the plant this morning as they had blossom end rot, I always remember my dad moaning about it when I lived at home, cursing the blossom end rot lol, now i’ve got it!

The micro tom tomatoes… I dont think I will be growing these again, for me, its a bit of a messy looking plant and the fruits are too close to the soil.


The Potatoes are doing really well (I think)!   Grown in big spud bags, they should be ready to harvest quite soon.

Next… the onions, I’m not sure if they are doing well or not to be honest, I would have expected them to be bigger than they are, but we shall wait and see what happens..

The Carrots seem to be doing ok, must get some weeding done this weekend before the weeds take over..

Courgettes… well they seem to be doing just grand, in full blom at the moment, here’s hoping I get fruit this year, last year they rotted away just after forming because it was soooo wet.

I have some flowers growing in the garden too, which are adding a lovely splash of colour….





A Trip to the Beveridge Park

The kids and I took a trip along to the Beveridge Park this morning, its about a 15 minute car journey from our house.   We just went along for a walk, due to us all having cabin fever, after being cooped up in the house, with all the rain that poured down over the weekend.

This lovely swan was the first to greet us, as we walked up to the loch, there was a slight breeze blowing through our fingers, both my son and I noticed this, my daughter always walks around with her arms folded, she dropped her arms by her sides to feel it too  🙂 …

Tucked in behind was her baby..

This is the Island in the middle of the loch, they do boat hire here and you can row little boats around the island.   Although there was no-one rowing today

As we were walking around, my son noticed that some poor kiddies dolly was floating in the water!

 The contrasting colours in the trees here are absolutely beautiful…

This wee shabby duck looked a bit worse for wear siting at the edge of the loch…

About half way round the loch we made a wee detour over to the formal gardens, which were lined with Lavender and Roses… absolutely beautiful… and there was a water feature in the centre…

The statue on top of the fountain was an animal of some sorts..looked like a wee gopher

The roses were stunning…

There was a wet area with a bridge and we stopped to take a picture of this aquatic plant, we have no idea what it is, so will need to do a big of reasearch… If you know what it is please email us 🙂

 The path led us back round to the loch and this pretty little greylag goose

Some of its friends chose to wander towards the rose gardens…

Which were full of beautiful blooms and scents…


We all enjoyed our walk… it blew away a few cobwebs and left us all feeling chilled and relaxed 🙂


Spring Daffodils

Spring Daffodils

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When we were out and about today I stopped & rolled down the car window to take this picture.

It caught my eye immediately and I think its absolutely gorgeous, the sloping hill in the distance with the trees and little stone dyke right through to the big clump of daffodils underneath the fence to the foreground.

🙂 Spring has sprung …

Trip to Edinburgh..

I’ve had a really busy weekend, and not had much time at all to come on here.

 Saturday saw us taking a trip on the train through to Edinburgh, with a view to getting my son kitted out with a few bits n pieces.  He recently joined the RAF Air Cadets, and they have been brilliant in kitting him out with the majority of what he needs, and our trip to Edinburgh saw us completing his kit.

We headed off down Leith Walk to the Army & Navy Store, managed to get him his boots, fully waterproof ones, he needed a size 10!! I wished his feet would stop growing he is only 13! they had £20 off the retail price so it was worth the trip!, then we got him these wee twiddley green things (bit like cycle clips) for keeping his combats in at the bottom, a green T-shirt, and a dark blue army jumper for my OH for his work to keep him warm.

As we came out the shop it started to snow a wee bit, the wind was bitter cold too, so we did a brisk march back up the road, stopping off at Valvona & Crolla to pick up a few treats as we were getting visitors in the evening..

I picked up a lovely wedge of Montgomery’s Cheddar, this cheese is to die for, it is absolutely gorgeous 🙂 we also picked up a freshly baked huge big farmhouse Italian cottagey type loaf, a lovely big head of Italian Garlic and some fresh Italian tomatoes on the vine.   I planned a cheese and wine evening for our friends.

Once we left Valvona & Crolla’s, the weather was getting worse, so the kids and I headed into the Omni Centre to get a spot of lunch, with the theory that once we had finished it, the weather would have improved slightly to allow us to head back for the train home.

We had a lovely lunch, and when we came out the snow/sleet had stopped and we headed along to the train station, got onto our train and went home.


We have had gale force winds howling and blowing all last night .. some recorded between 90-105 mph!

I haven’t slept a wink the whole night.. I tossed and turned unable to sleep worrying about our chickens, rabbits and wee Jerry our cat who lives in a  shed converted into a cat chalet with a run…. I eventually got up at at 4am to check everyone outside was ok

 I let the dogs out into the back garden for a pee and switched on the security light so I could see where I was going….almost wished I hadn’t.. My new greenhouse is in bits, the back end is hanging off, panels are missing, blown away in the wind and the roof hatch/window/vent has been ripped off and nowhere to be seen 😦

On a positive note tho.. The Eglu where we keep our chickens is intact and secure, it was just their food and water containers that had blown off the side of their run.

The rabbits were fine, safe and secure, and wee Jerry was tucked up in bed safe and sound, I shut his cat flap leading from his run into his chalet last night so he was fine.

My Oh ran me into work this morning and it took us 2 hours to drive 11 miles, they were only allowing cars across over the Forth Road Bridge.   It was kinda scary driving over it because you could feel the movement in the bridge!.

 Here’s hoping the winds die out soon and we get back to normal

p.s. I’ll see if I can get some photographs of the damage to my greenhouse later on this evening when I get home from work.