A Visit from the Blue Tit Family

The Blue Tit family came to the garden today to show us their new family… 3 little baby blue tits, and they are absolutely gorgeous..

Mrs Blue Tit is looking slightly frazzled, she has been a regular visitor to the garden for the last few weeks eating all the bugs from under the blackcurrant bushes…  I did put out fat balls for them last week but my springer spaniel jumped up, stole and ate the lot, giving him the most god awful skoots !!

Enough waffling and on with the pics of the babies 🙂

Baby Blackbird… (Turdus merula)

I have a blackbird visits my garden on a daily basis, it is lovely to look out of my workshop window and see him gathering worms and bugs … he comes up quite close too, not afraid at all…

Today he brought his newly fledged blackbird baby to visit and I managed to grab my camera and get a couple of shots before they flew off 🙂

He turned around and was watching me take photographs 🙂

A few facts about these gorgeous song birds…

Latin name

Turdus merula


Chats and Thrushes (Turdidae)


The males live up to their name but, confusingly, females are brown often with spots and streaks on their breasts. The bright orange-yellow beak and eye-ring make adult male blackbirds one of the most striking garden birds. One of the commonest UK birds, its mellow song is also a favourite.

Where to see them

Found everywhere in gardens and countryside and from coasts to hills, although not on the highest peaks.

When to see them

All year round.

What they eat

Insects, worms and berries.

A Trip to the Beveridge Park

The kids and I took a trip along to the Beveridge Park this morning, its about a 15 minute car journey from our house.   We just went along for a walk, due to us all having cabin fever, after being cooped up in the house, with all the rain that poured down over the weekend.

This lovely swan was the first to greet us, as we walked up to the loch, there was a slight breeze blowing through our fingers, both my son and I noticed this, my daughter always walks around with her arms folded, she dropped her arms by her sides to feel it too  🙂 …

Tucked in behind was her baby..

This is the Island in the middle of the loch, they do boat hire here and you can row little boats around the island.   Although there was no-one rowing today

As we were walking around, my son noticed that some poor kiddies dolly was floating in the water!

 The contrasting colours in the trees here are absolutely beautiful…

This wee shabby duck looked a bit worse for wear siting at the edge of the loch…

About half way round the loch we made a wee detour over to the formal gardens, which were lined with Lavender and Roses… absolutely beautiful… and there was a water feature in the centre…

The statue on top of the fountain was an animal of some sorts..looked like a wee gopher

The roses were stunning…

There was a wet area with a bridge and we stopped to take a picture of this aquatic plant, we have no idea what it is, so will need to do a big of reasearch… If you know what it is please email us 🙂

 The path led us back round to the loch and this pretty little greylag goose

Some of its friends chose to wander towards the rose gardens…

Which were full of beautiful blooms and scents…


We all enjoyed our walk… it blew away a few cobwebs and left us all feeling chilled and relaxed 🙂


The Baby Birds at the top of the Garden

Baby Bird

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This year our bird house had a couple of wee visitors, they made a nest, laid some eggs, and hatched their babies…

I took this picture yesterday, I think they are blue tits, but I may be wrong, as the parents had a kinda tufty thing going on at the back of their heads…. so I should maybe say they are tits of some kind but not sure which.

Today when I got in from work they were gone… fully fledged and flown the nest… I’ll miss them cheeping away and their parents flying in and out feeding their brood.

I wonder if they will continue to visit out garden.

Greylag Goose on Otterson Loch

Greylag Goose on Otterson Loch

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After our trip to the local garden centre today, it was such a lovely day that the kids and I dropped past Otterson Loch to see if there were any ducks around…

I used to take them there when they were little to feed the ducks, so it was really nice to go back with them today for a wee visit, ableit they are teenagers now… they really enjoyed themselves 🙂



I got in from work this evening and let the dogs out as they usually bounce all over the kitchen when I get in …lol

Anyway… at the side of the back door on the house wall was this spider.. it was HUGE! i;d say about two and a half inch’s in diameter.. I wasnt taking any chances so wheeched it away with the broom just incase it came galloping across my lounge floor later on tonight.

Baby Pigeons… Brood No. 3


Our resident Wood Pigeon has produced another brood… 2 wee babies this time, gosh they dont stay small for long!

 This one likes to sit at the front of the conifer trees, whilst its lovely to have it around, boy does it make some mess! Lets just say this one is well fed!

More Babies!

I was hanging out the washing early this morning and guess what?

 Our resident wood pigeons have had babies again, this time I think they have 2!   I was standing beside the lleylandi hanging up the washing and heard all the tiny cheeps coming from the trees… I’snt nature wonderful… this is her 3rd clutch she has raised this year, is this normal I wonder?