Frugal Flowers

I got a bargin yesterday at the supermarket… these gorgeous flowers for a mere Β£0.23

A lovely splash of colour to brighten up the lounge with all this awful snowy weather we have been having of late.

Picked our first tomatoes today


I have no idea what type these tomatoes are, I got the plants from my mother in law, and I think she mentioned that they were Sungold, but they came out a different shape from what I was expecting, I grew sungold last year and they were round lol.

The Chicks are doing fine…

Just an update to say that the chicks are doing fine and to post a few pictures.

The Lemon Cuckoo Pekin chicks, picture taken yesterday at 21 days/3weeks old, I know for definate that I have one boy out of the 4, Β his comb and wattles are much more pronounced and a brighter shade of pinky/red than the others… he is the lighter coloured one of the 4 hiding at the back, 2nd from the left πŸ™‚

20.06.09 018

This lot are not keen on being photographed, they keep turning their backs on me πŸ™‚Β 

They are feathering up nicely too, notice their pom pom-like tail feathers, they looks a tad punky at this stage πŸ™‚

20.06.09 008

The little black & partridge pekin chicks are doing fine too… they are a week younger than the others, but coming along good too.. unable to tell if they are boys or girls yet, but have a sneaky feeling that the partridge is a boy.

20.06.09 003

The little black one is my daughters favourite, and out of all the chicks is the only one that has a name so far..Β 

Its been given the name Pingu, because it looked like a wee penguin when it was only a couple of days old, eventually all the white fluff will disappear and will be a solid black colour with a bottle green sheen to the feathers, just like Grace and Gloria.

20.06.09 004

Tomatoes & Chilli

Tomatoes & Chilli

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Tomatoes & Chilli

This is the last of my tomato crop.

The plants in my greenhouse are well past their best, so I have decided to pick whats left and clear out the plants. The lack of sunshine has not helped their growth and fruit production this year.

I think they were also hit by some kind of tomato blight as some of the stalks and branches had grey furry stuff growing on them, has anyone else experienced this on their tomato crops this year?

Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower (Taken in our Woods)

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Yesterday my daughter and I took the dogs up into the woods, that are beside out house, its a fair old climb up to the top, but once your there it is absolutely stunning.

My daughter took this photograph, with my camera, whilst I was throwing sticks down the big hill, for the dogs to tire them out.

I think its a fantastic capture, she even managed to get a wee midgie in the picture too πŸ™‚

Spring Daffodils

Spring Daffodils

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When we were out and about today I stopped & rolled down the car window to take this picture.

It caught my eye immediately and I think its absolutely gorgeous, the sloping hill in the distance with the trees and little stone dyke right through to the big clump of daffodils underneath the fence to the foreground.

πŸ™‚ Spring has sprung …

Yellow Iris (Iris pseudacorus)

Yellow Iris (Iris pseudacorus)

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Yellow Iris (Iris pseudacorus)
The yellow iris is a robust plant with beautiful bright yellow flowers. The roots and bulbs are thick and fleshy, and the narrow sword-shaped leaves are bluish-green with a prominent mid-rib. Between 4 and 12 large, showy flowers are borne on a somewhat flattened stem; they vary in colour from pale yellow to almost orange. An alternative name for this species is ‘segg’, which derives from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning ‘short sword’, and refers to the shape of the leaves. The fluttering of the flowers was thought to resemble flags blowing in the breeze, hence the name ‘yellow flag’.

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