Robin in the Rowan



I have been absent from this blog for a long time, mainly because I have another blog that I chart, record and share all the cards and projects I make.

Today I thought I would share wee robin, sitting in the rowan tree, which still has berries!

This rowan tree is 16 years old, we planted this when our daughter was 5 and started school 🙂

I Promise to post a little bit more in future 🙂

A Wee Robin Redbreast

A wee Robin Redbreast popped into the garden this afternoon whilst I was sitting in my shed crafting away..

He stayed for a while looking in through the window, whilst perching on top of the garden spade 🙂

Just thought I would share him with you … the picture quality is not that great because I took the picture though my shed window, but the wee robin is nice n clear