The Peacock Butterfly and the Hedgehog

The Peacock is a familiar sight in gardens across the British Isles and is unmistakable, with quite spectacular eyes on the upperside of the hindwings that give this butterfly its name. These eyes must appear very threatening to predators, such as mice, that confront this butterfly head-on, where the body forming a “beak”

The underside is a different matter altogether, being almost black, providing perfect camouflage when the butterfly is at rest on a tree trunk, or when hibernating. In addition to camouflage and large eyes, the butterfly is able to make a hissing sound by rubbing its wings together that is audible to human ears. All in all, this butterfly must appear very threatening to any predator that might come across it.

This is a highly mobile butterfly that occurs throughout the British Isles, including the Orkneys and Shetlands, although it is not found in parts of northern Scotland. However, its range does seem to be increasing, with sightings from new areas being recorded every year.

Information Source : UK Butterflies

Then this little fellow was on our front lawn then wandered underneath my OH’s works van in the drive, the neighbours must have thought I was mad, down on my hand and knees at 11pm at night taking pictures underneath a van 😀