A Day in the Greenhouse….

I have spent the best part of today in my greenhouse, sowing seeds, organising things inside, enjoying the peace and quiet…

Here is an update on the things growing:-

Peas starting to sprout – Peas

Mixed Leaf Lettuce – Mixed Leaf Lettuce Seedlings

  – Climbing Flower – Morning Glory – the leaves on this are absolutely gorgeous!

Coriander – Coriander

Pink Champagne Rhubarb – Finally – Our Pink Champagne Rhubarb that I Picked this morning.

Oh What a Night…………. (Literally!)

I’ve had a crap evening.

I was supposed to go to the Edinburgh Playhouse to see the musical “Oh What a Night”, I had booked tickets for me and the kids (OH was working).

I took the car to work today, so that I could leave sharp at 5pm and get home in plenty time so that I could get the kids organised, get to the train station and get the train over to Edinburgh Waverely, my theory was to conserve petrol…..

Well….. It ends up that there were huge delays in the traffic going home and instead of getting in at 5.30, I ended up arriving home at 6.15pm….. bl**dy traffic!

Mad rush to get changed and get back out because the show starts at 7.30pm..  we jumped in the car and drove to Inverkeithing Train Station, parked on the other side of the railway station in the Free car park, walked into the ticket office, asked for return tickets to Edinburgh, went to get my purse out of my bag .. no purse .. B*gger!..

Walked back to the car with the kids and drove home, walked into the house and got my purse, which had been knocked out of my bag by our young springer spaniel, when he bounced over the sofa!

Back to the train station, didn’t have time to park in the free car park, so paid the £2 to park in the one closest to the station… its now 6.50pm, just enough time to get the tickets, jump on the train and still be on time for the show starting….. or so I thought.

Waiting on the platform, the tannoy comes on.. turns out the next 2 trains are cancelled, next available train will be the 7.25pm …. dilemma, i’d just paid £10 for our return train tickets,  trains are late, we are now late…hmmmmmm.   If We were to go back to the car and take it over, we would be even more money on fuel, I only had a quarter of a tank left and the local garage has none… then we would be another £5.00 to park in the Greenside Car Park… yet more money!

We decided to wait on the 7.25pm train, … another announcement, there is a broken down train further up the line, the 7.25 train is now running late and wont arrive until 7.46!… 7.46 came and went still no train, and we have now missed the start of the show… the train finally turns up at 8.05pm, got on, it was busy and the only seats available were next to a bunch of alcohol drinking, foul mouthed neds… our evening just seems to be getting better and better!..

Phoned my other half from the train to let him hear what we were having to sit beside, and to complain about the lateness of the trains and how we’d missed the start of the show etc… He thought it might be a good idea if once we got to Edinburgh, just to find the next train home and he would take us out for something to eat… best idea i;d heard all night and the kids were in full agreement.

Managed to get the Aberdeen train home and got off at Inverkeithing to pick up the car.


Sowing Seeds, WWII Homework & 4 Cards later……

I’ve had a busy old evening!

After we had got tea out of the way, I had to give up my laptop to my son to allow him to complete his project/homework on WWII.   He was on a tight schedule because I needed it back as I had an order to make 4 cards.

Whilst he was doing that I took myself out to the greenhouse to plant some more seeds and do a bit of tidying and re-organising.

I managed to get a row of raddish seeds in the 3rd bed.

Sowed more Broad Beans, Peas, Cucumber, & Lettuce.

I still have a fair few seeds to go straight into the raised beds, Carrots & Beetroot

I have no seed potatoes, onion or shallot sets in yet, still have to buy them, i’ve been so busy and so disorganised!.   So I will have a scout around online and see what I can get.

After my planting and sowing, it was back into the house, and my son still hadnt finished his homework.. so my daughter and I stepped in to help him and speed things along a bit… 10 mind later we had finished and printed it all out 🙂

I had 4 cards to made and it was 8pm! .. spent the rest of the evening trying to concentrate making them, with 2 teenagers sitting either side of me “Watching” .. Mitz, our springer lying at my feet, and the other pest of a springer trying to steal cat truffles out of the litter tray grrr….  I eventually got them finished at 11pm…

I will be posting about those over on my card blog tomorrow sometime 🙂 

Roasted Tomato, Garlic & Basil Soup..

I had excess tomatoes left over from last weeks trip to the farm shop, so I thought i’d make a nice spot of tomato soup.


6 Large Vine Tomatoes

6 Cloves of Garlic

A good glug of extra virgin Olive Oil.

A handful of shredded fresh basil leaves.

Some herbamare Salt and crushed black pepper to season.


  • Take an oven proof dish and place the tomatoes into it.
  • Scatter 6 cloves of garlic in amongst the tomatoes (leave the papery skins on)
  • cover with a generous amount of olive oil
  • slow bake in a medium oven for a couple of hours until the tomatoes are soft and the garlic is squidgey.
  • Carefully take the skins off the tomato and garlic and put into a saucepan.
  • Add enough water to cover and simmer
  • Either add a vegetable stock cube / powder and seasonings & shredded basil, allow to cook through for 5 mins.
  • Blitz to liquidise, pass through a sieve to remove seeds then return to the pan and add some double cream, heat through and stir it thoroughly,
  • to serve you can add a switl of cream and some finely chopped basil leaves.

Serve immediately… serves 2 (big bowls) or 4 (Small bowls)


Homemade Butter


I made butter this afternoon and I cant believe how easy it is to do!

All you need is one 600ml carton of double cream.. pour the cream into a food mixer with a whisk attachment…. turn on to med-high for around ten mins…

1. First it turns to thick cream

2. Then it goes like scrambled egg

3. Then all of a sudden it comes together inside the ball whisk and seperates from the liquid, giving you butter and butter milk!

4. I seperated the buttermilk into a small jug

5. I turned out the butter onto a clean square of muslin and gave it a good squeeze, to remve the last of the buttermilk..

6. Turned it out onto a wooden chopping board and took 2 large wooden spoons to pat it into shape.

I will be using the buttermilk to make scones or muffins with later on today..



Todays Ploughmans (of sorts)….



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Saturday afternoon lunch for the kids and myself… the OH is out working so he has missed out 🙂

We love to make up a large plate of sandwiches and crudites.

We had popped out to the Farm shop earlier on this morning and picked up our fruit and vegetables for the week, once we got home we used some of those for this lovely lunch.

Landie with a View

Landie with a View

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My entry today for the 7 Days of Shooting.. Its week 39 and the theme for this week is Cars today is Shoot anything sunday

This picture is of my lovely landie (Landrover) …the view taken from North Queensferry looking out towards the River Forth. if you look really really close you can see Inchcolm Island in the far distance.