Squirrels always visit when it rains

I always get a wee squirrel visitor to the garden, but it only seems to visit when its raining… I wonder why?

Lovely to look out the kitchen window and see tho’ ย just look how it’s holding it’s wee hands together.. awww ๐Ÿ™‚

Then it seen me and looked straight in the window …

There was also a wood pigeon walking along the roof of my workshop, beautiful colours, i’d thrown some bread and birdseed up there especially for the bigger birds that cant make it to the feeders ๐Ÿ™‚

The Baby Birds at the top of the Garden

Baby Bird

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This year our bird house had a couple of wee visitors, they made a nest, laid some eggs, and hatched their babies…

I took this picture yesterday, I think they are blue tits, but I may be wrong, as the parents had a kinda tufty thing going on at the back of their heads…. so I should maybe say they are tits of some kind but not sure which.

Today when I got in from work they were gone… fully fledged and flown the nest… I’ll miss them cheeping away and their parents flying in and out feeding their brood.

I wonder if they will continue to visit out garden.

Greylag Goose on Otterson Loch

Greylag Goose on Otterson Loch

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After our trip to the local garden centre today, it was such a lovely day that the kids and I dropped past Otterson Loch to see if there were any ducks around…

I used to take them there when they were little to feed the ducks, so it was really nice to go back with them today for a wee visit, ableit they are teenagers now… they really enjoyed themselves ๐Ÿ™‚