Early Morning Baking

I got up early this morning 6.40am! as the dogs were bursting, the weather outside is rather bleak, pouring with rain, cold and grey….. so rather than go back to bed, I decided to do a spot of baking.

First up was my first attempt at making blini’s, I had bought a packet of buckwheat flour from the food-co-op group that I belong to (www.neeps.co.uk) , there was a recipe on the back of the packet, they are easy to make, the only problem I had was I didnt know what size to make them, to me they are just like brown pancakes and they do taste much the same as pancakes… so I made various different sizes as shown in the picture..

The big ones are for the gannets in my family and the dainty wee dinky ones are for moi lol!


The recipe…

2 Eggs

175g / 7oz Buckwheat Flour

Half a Teaspoon Bicarbonate of Soda

Half a teaspoon of Cream of Tartar

300ml / 10fl oz Milk

1 tablespoon Oil.


1. Whisk the eggs until frothy

2. Beat in flour, bicarbonate of soda and cream of tartar

3. Add the milk beating well to keep a smooth batter

4. heat a little oil in a heavy frying pan and drop in tablespoons of the batter.

5. Cook until the underside is golden then turn over and cook the other side

6. Continue until the batter is used

Next I made a batch of fruit scones using dark flame sultanas which are abslutely gorgeous!


Here is the recipe:

8oz / 250g Self Raising Flour

2oz / 50g Butter

5 fl oz / 150ml fresh milk

1 tablespoon raw brown sugar

3oz / 75g dark flame sultanas


Sift all the ingredients into a bowl and rub in the butter.  

Pour the milk unto the centre and mix to a soft elastic dough.

Knead lightly on a floured surface till smooth and press out with your hands or roll out.

Cut into shapes, flour or brush with egg on top and bake for for 15 mins @ 220 degrees c/ gas mark 8 or 450F.