Honest Mum I’m not Looking at the Brownie!

I bought these Brownies online last week and they are to die for… absolutely the best brownies you will ever taste…and they have won Kate many awards.. they are just that good!


My springer boy just couldn’t take his eyes off it, he was sooo funny, every time I took a picture of him staring out the brownie, he would look away “honest mum i’m not looking at the Brownie”

It’s hard work….. being a springer

I’m not allowed up on the chairs, mum said…

But today I just couldn’t resist the big comfy armchair….

It’s just waaay too comfy.. and the cushion is soo soft, just made for a puppy’s head

Although technically I’m not a pup anymore…

Whats’s that!!   Oh…Oh I think i’ve been caught…

But it’s just sooo warm and cozy up here.. even tho i’ve got dirty paws, my eyes are soooo tired


Nite nite 😉



I Love My Springer Spaniel …


Did I ever tell you that I love my dogs….. especially my mischievious Springer Spaniel boy…

He just has the cutest nose…..


He poses in front of the camera for me…. (what a handsome chap)



He can also be very focused ….. (on rare ocassions)




He loves to have the odd 40 winks here there and everywhere…




He loves to look out the window and watch the world go by….



but most of all…… he loves to smile….. lots…… even with his eyes shut….


I love my springer boy 🙂

Looking Out the Window

Looking Out the Window

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This is our Springer Spaniel, Chunky… Sitting up on the sofa (where he is not allowed) catching some rays, looking out the window.

He is 1 1/2 yrs old now and is starting to get a hairy chest lol.. he looks so innocent sitting there, you would hardly believe that he is a complete and utter nutter that bounces round the house.

What do you call yours?


……. What do you call your Springer Spaniel?

 We chose the name Chunky for our gorgeous wee boy, because when we went to see the litter of pups, when asked by the breeder which puppy we had decided on… I said I really like that wee chunky boy over there… and it kinda stuck lol …

 This picture was taken at the weekend when the sun was streaming through the lounge window, chunky was alert watching our cat hovis having a mad half our on the staircase and I just couldnt resist taking his picture (again!) :o)