Chick Update….

Just thought I would do an update on the chicks… 4 out of the 6 eggs hatched, there was nothing in the other 2 eggs, I can only guess that they were not fertile.

Here is a picture of our 4 cute little babies and Brenda, their mum.

31.05.09 040

They are just lovely and it is a pleasure to have them around… my 2 teenagers have been spending rather a lot of time just sitting watching them 🙂

31.05.09 050

Oh Baby…..

Just look what I found this morning when I went to check on Brenda Pekin 🙂


Soooooooooooo….. cute

In fact I was excited that much that I took a half days holiday from my work just to be at home… just incase I missed aything 🙂

When I got home at lunchtime I went out and checked Brenda and she now has 2 chicks hatched with one egg just pipped and 2 still waiting to do something.

I shall report back later on this evening…

Mother Hen over and out! LOL


p.s. nearly forgot… they are Lemon Cuckoo Pekin Bantams 🙂

The Tale of the Cat and the Cat Biscuit

Today,  I bought a brand new bag of  IAMS cat buiscuit… 

04.05.09 192

It was left on the kitchen table waiting to be put away into the animal food cupboard…

Take one very sly and sleekit birman cat….


Who sneaks into the kitchen when nobody is looking…. jumps up onto the kitchen table and proceeds ……….. to pick

04.05.09 193

and chew………

04.05.09 193

and shred the bag open with his claws…..

04.05.09 194

Until he finally reaches the tiny little brown nuggets that he craves so much!

Why do cats feel the need to do this ?!?!

Tomato Plant Infestation by Spiders

Yesterday we potted up our tomato plants….


6 of them on the worktop and 2 on the floor…..

Today I went in to water them, turned around to water the 2 on the floor and saw this …


What on earth was all that yellow and black stuff, I thought…?!?

Went into the house to get my camer and my son (as backup) 🙂

Asked him to take the plant and pot outside, he moved the pot a little and they started to scarper…



Does anyone know what kind of spiders they are??