…..and Naimh

NaimhOriginally uploaded by Towniesmallholder

This is Naimh (pronounced Neeve) she is our 9 year old Irish Setter.

Naimh is my faithful companion, who sits with her head on either my lap, my arm or my laptop most evenings when i’m on here.

Its not very often you can get a good photograph of her as she usually disappears when I get the camera out… she’s a bit camera shy… but today a wee biscuit helped get her full attention.

What do you call yours?


……. What do you call your Springer Spaniel?

 We chose the name Chunky for our gorgeous wee boy, because when we went to see the litter of pups, when asked by the breeder which puppy we had decided on… I said I really like that wee chunky boy over there… and it kinda stuck lol …

 This picture was taken at the weekend when the sun was streaming through the lounge window, chunky was alert watching our cat hovis having a mad half our on the staircase and I just couldnt resist taking his picture (again!) :o)