A Blue Moon for Hogmanay

Once in a Blue Moon … is a common way of saying not very often, but what exactly is a Blue Moon?

A Blue Moon is the second Full Moon to occur in a single calendar month.

The interval between Full Moons is about 29.5 days, whilst the length of an average month is roughly 30.5 days. This makes it very unlikely that any given month will contain two Full Moons, it does sometimes happen tho.

On average, there will be 41 months that have two Full Moons in every century.    So once in a Blue Moon actually means once every two-and-a-half years 🙂


I have not had a chance to write / blog for a wee while now, since the 19th July to be exact.

I must apologise to all my bloggie friends and visitors for the lack of posts… Things have been rather busy at home.

I do have loads to post about tho’… Lots of lovely recipes, updates on the veggies and the two new additions to our family to share with you 🙂

A Trip to the Beveridge Park

The kids and I took a trip along to the Beveridge Park this morning, its about a 15 minute car journey from our house.   We just went along for a walk, due to us all having cabin fever, after being cooped up in the house, with all the rain that poured down over the weekend.

This lovely swan was the first to greet us, as we walked up to the loch, there was a slight breeze blowing through our fingers, both my son and I noticed this, my daughter always walks around with her arms folded, she dropped her arms by her sides to feel it too  🙂 …

Tucked in behind was her baby..

This is the Island in the middle of the loch, they do boat hire here and you can row little boats around the island.   Although there was no-one rowing today

As we were walking around, my son noticed that some poor kiddies dolly was floating in the water!

 The contrasting colours in the trees here are absolutely beautiful…

This wee shabby duck looked a bit worse for wear siting at the edge of the loch…

About half way round the loch we made a wee detour over to the formal gardens, which were lined with Lavender and Roses… absolutely beautiful… and there was a water feature in the centre…

The statue on top of the fountain was an animal of some sorts..looked like a wee gopher

The roses were stunning…

There was a wet area with a bridge and we stopped to take a picture of this aquatic plant, we have no idea what it is, so will need to do a big of reasearch… If you know what it is please email us 🙂

 The path led us back round to the loch and this pretty little greylag goose

Some of its friends chose to wander towards the rose gardens…

Which were full of beautiful blooms and scents…


We all enjoyed our walk… it blew away a few cobwebs and left us all feeling chilled and relaxed 🙂


Meet the Cheeps…

Today I drove up to Perth to meet with Sue and Phil and pick up “The Cheeps”.

Last night I just couldnt sleep, it was like christmas eve lol, I was soooo excited.

I dropped the kids off at school, filled the car up with petrol (£1.18 a litre here now – it’s scandalous!) and then set off for Perth.. Its about 35 miles away from where I live and should only take about 30-40 mins at the most to get there, I left an hour and 15 mins early, just incase 🙂

We still have to pick out names for them, so if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

This above picture is the 4 of them in their wee chick transit box 🙂

We have 2 Partridge Pekins, 1 Black Pekin and 1 White Silkie Cross

Once they settled in … they tucked into some chick crumb and had a wee drink of water


Then retired to the back of their new home…..

……was it something i said lol 🙂

Rabbit Hutch Conversion to a Chicken Coop.

Rabbit Hutch Conversion to a Chicken Coop.


Front View

We spent the good part of yesterday afternoon out in the back garden converting A rather large rabbit hutch into a chicken coop.

It was currently up off the ground on four legs, we put in a couple of extra struts of wood (recycled from an old pallet) to give it extra stability and fixed in wire mesh all around the bottom, we also renewed the wire mesh on the front door as it was in a bit of a sorry state.

The right hand door opens up to reveal their sleeping quarters whereby we have put in a couple of roosting perches..  (remember the branches I cut down off the conifers and kept 😉 .. they turned out to be just the thing we needed)

The main living compartment seen us cutting out a square hatch in the floor and we made a ramp (not shown in the pictures) for them to get in and out of their coop.

Its fairly sturdy and just perfect for our Pekin Chicks, who arrive tomorrow.    Although it will be a few weeks before they move into their new abode as they will need to grow up a wee bit first 🙂


Landie with a View

Landie with a View

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My entry today for the 7 Days of Shooting.. Its week 39 and the theme for this week is Cars today is Shoot anything sunday

This picture is of my lovely landie (Landrover) …the view taken from North Queensferry looking out towards the River Forth. if you look really really close you can see Inchcolm Island in the far distance.

Its December!!!!!!!!!

Arghhhhhh its December alrready !!!!!!!!!!!

 My poor blog is being neglected big time…. and a combination of things are causing my absence.

  • Work is manic at the moment, so much to do and so little time to do it in.
  • My sister flew in from Majorca yesterday for the week, so I’ll be spending loads of time with her.
  • My laptop is giving me a huge headache, it keeps on switching itself off, so its very unreliable and extremely annoying to say the least.. its only a year old!  So this evening I will give the number on the box a phone because it came with a 3 year warranty.
  • Orders for cards have rocketed in the last fortnight so most of my spare time gets taken up with fulfilling orders… christmas cards especially I have a backlog of about 20 there already.

Luckily I can access my blog from work, so tend to check in at lunchtimes.

Hopefully when everything dies down I’ll get a chance to post more :o)