December.. an update

Where has the time gone!   ………. the last time I looked in it was October 10th…..

There has been quite a lot going on and I thought I would bring my wee blog into touch with those who still follow me..

Some good news first, My daughter returned home after spending several months working in Majorca for my sister, lovely having her back home for a while.. although she does intend to return back to the Balearic Isles next year.

We had a bit of a rat problem in November, as many of you know I have a couple of rescue bunnies and they are kept secure in their cages within a secure run… or so I thought!   That was until rats decided to dig their way into the run!… so we had to relocate the bunnies into the greenhouse for the winter, it has a concrete base and  also rat proof.

I called in the pest control people who took care of the rodent invasion… chunky and I found a dead one on the lawn one morning and I didnt realise just how big rats were!  excluding the tail it must have been about 7-8 inches long!… so the garden is now rat free thankfully!

Because I keep chickens the pest control people reckon they were attracting the rats to the garden, so I made the decision to rehome my 2 chickens 😦  I was so sad to see them go, but they did go to a lovely new home in the middle of nowhere to a lovely young chap.     About 3 weeks after they had gone I received an email from him to say that wee Brenda my Partridge Pekin had sadly died, along with 3 of his own birds, a branch had falled off a tree in the severe gales that we had in December and fallen on the birds who were eating from a feeder… poor wee Bren.. I howled for most of the night.. I loved that wee bird!

More sad news on the pet front.. Tweed, our little rescue netherland dwarf rabbit passed away … I had noticed a while back that she was getting arthritic in her back legs and losing condition.. she was a wee old lady and I think I mentioned in my last post that I didnt think she would see the winter through and my gut feelings were right!… She is now burried in the garden in a lovely wee spot under an ornamental potted tree and when I stand at the kitchen window I look out over where she is… bless her crabby wee heart, although she was a grumpy wee bunny who would growl and attack you when visited every day, we loved her to bits.

So with the update out of the way, I just want to wish you and your families a very merry christmas and a happy new year when it comes…

I will leave you with a picture… not of Bren or Tweed… that would just start me off crying again… but of my constant companion, who as I type this is up on the sofa snuggling beside me

A Lazy weekend

Its been a lazy weekendy for everyone .. …

Last night I took a picture of the Super Moon.. aparantely it’s the closest it has been to earth for 18 years!

The spaniels took up residence on the sofa  this morning…

Hovis our Birman cat sat watching a couple of wood pigeon eating grass on our front lawn

This pair have a nest in a big fir tree in our back garden

Then chunky thought he was missing out and came to give me a hand taking pictures of the wood pigeons 🙂

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I was sitting in the lounge this morning updating my crafting blog with a new post and I looked over to the sofa where Chunky was crashed out…..

Surely this can’t be comfy Chunky….

Still sleeping he started licking his lips lol… they must have been sore ….. Chunky?

Did someone mention my name?

Oh Hi mum………Cheese!

Out Walking the Dog

Just thought I would share some pictures I snapped yesterday whilst out walking the dog over the fields 🙂

This for some reason is my fav tree, I have no idea why, I just love it and it makes me want to hug it 🙂

I snapped this rusty old hinge on a wooden fence post

Chunky managed to throw himself into the burn for a swim

And these gorgeous little flowers were growing everywhere, I later found out that they are called Cuckoo Flowers

I called this next picture Dandelion Hill, seeing as this was the only dandelion growing on the hill

Chunky again, this time with his chops tucked in 🙂 .. he had been swimming again!

More Cuckoo Flowers.. they are beautiful

More swimming…

and a few of last years skeletons

Hope you enjoyed the walk 🙂

National Pet Parents Day

Were you all aware that April 25th is National Pet Parents Day?    My friend Natasha wrote a blog post today which I have just read,  I never even knew that  it existed… so thank you Natasha, I hope my collection of furry and feathered friends spoil me rotten at the weekend…. 😀  Somehow I think not lol

I shall leave you all with this picture of my Springer Spaniel Boy … only a mother could love, bless his wee furry tail… I came downstairs the other morning to find him flaked out on the sofa 🙂

Honest Mum I’m not Looking at the Brownie!

I bought these Brownies online last week and they are to die for… absolutely the best brownies you will ever taste…and they have won Kate many awards.. they are just that good!

My springer boy just couldn’t take his eyes off it, he was sooo funny, every time I took a picture of him staring out the brownie, he would look away “honest mum i’m not looking at the Brownie”

It’s hard work….. being a springer

I’m not allowed up on the chairs, mum said…

But today I just couldn’t resist the big comfy armchair….

It’s just waaay too comfy.. and the cushion is soo soft, just made for a puppy’s head

Although technically I’m not a pup anymore…

Whats’s that!!   Oh…Oh I think i’ve been caught…

But it’s just sooo warm and cozy up here.. even tho i’ve got dirty paws, my eyes are soooo tired


Nite nite 😉



I Love My Springer Spaniel …


Did I ever tell you that I love my dogs….. especially my mischievious Springer Spaniel boy…

He just has the cutest nose…..


He poses in front of the camera for me…. (what a handsome chap)



He can also be very focused ….. (on rare ocassions)




He loves to have the odd 40 winks here there and everywhere…




He loves to look out the window and watch the world go by….



but most of all…… he loves to smile….. lots…… even with his eyes shut….


I love my springer boy 🙂

Sowing Seeds, WWII Homework & 4 Cards later……

I’ve had a busy old evening!

After we had got tea out of the way, I had to give up my laptop to my son to allow him to complete his project/homework on WWII.   He was on a tight schedule because I needed it back as I had an order to make 4 cards.

Whilst he was doing that I took myself out to the greenhouse to plant some more seeds and do a bit of tidying and re-organising.

I managed to get a row of raddish seeds in the 3rd bed.

Sowed more Broad Beans, Peas, Cucumber, & Lettuce.

I still have a fair few seeds to go straight into the raised beds, Carrots & Beetroot

I have no seed potatoes, onion or shallot sets in yet, still have to buy them, i’ve been so busy and so disorganised!.   So I will have a scout around online and see what I can get.

After my planting and sowing, it was back into the house, and my son still hadnt finished his homework.. so my daughter and I stepped in to help him and speed things along a bit… 10 mind later we had finished and printed it all out 🙂

I had 4 cards to made and it was 8pm! .. spent the rest of the evening trying to concentrate making them, with 2 teenagers sitting either side of me “Watching” .. Mitz, our springer lying at my feet, and the other pest of a springer trying to steal cat truffles out of the litter tray grrr….  I eventually got them finished at 11pm…

I will be posting about those over on my card blog tomorrow sometime 🙂