A Lazy weekend

Its been a lazy weekendy for everyone .. …

Last night I took a picture of the Super Moon.. aparantely it’s the closest it has been to earth for 18 years!

The spaniels took up residence on the sofa ¬†this morning…

Hovis our Birman cat sat watching a couple of wood pigeon eating grass on our front lawn

This pair have a nest in a big fir tree in our back garden

Then chunky thought he was missing out and came to give me a hand taking pictures of the wood pigeons ūüôā

I Love My Springer Spaniel …


Did I ever tell you that I love my dogs….. especially my mischievious¬†Springer Spaniel boy…

He just has the cutest nose…..


He poses in front of the camera for me…. (what a handsome chap)



He can also¬†be very focused ….. (on rare ocassions)




He¬†loves to have the odd 40 winks here there and everywhere…




He loves to look out the window and watch the world go by….



but most of all……¬†he¬†loves to smile….. lots…… even with his eyes shut….


I love my springer boy ūüôā

What do you call yours?


……. What do you call your Springer Spaniel?

¬†We chose the name Chunky for our gorgeous wee boy, because when we went to see the litter of pups,¬†when asked by the breeder which puppy we had decided on… I said I really like that wee chunky boy over there… and it kinda stuck lol …

 This picture was taken at the weekend when the sun was streaming through the lounge window, chunky was alert watching our cat hovis having a mad half our on the staircase and I just couldnt resist taking his picture (again!) :o)