Yellow Iris (Iris pseudacorus)

Yellow Iris (Iris pseudacorus)

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Yellow Iris (Iris pseudacorus)
The yellow iris is a robust plant with beautiful bright yellow flowers. The roots and bulbs are thick and fleshy, and the narrow sword-shaped leaves are bluish-green with a prominent mid-rib. Between 4 and 12 large, showy flowers are borne on a somewhat flattened stem; they vary in colour from pale yellow to almost orange. An alternative name for this species is ‘segg’, which derives from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning ‘short sword’, and refers to the shape of the leaves. The fluttering of the flowers was thought to resemble flags blowing in the breeze, hence the name ‘yellow flag’.

Taken for 7 Days of Shooting
Theme : yellow
Day : Traditional Thursday

Organic Layers Pellets & Mixed Corn

My quest for sourcing a local supplier of Organic Layers Pellets and Mixed Corn continues…

 But in the meantime I have had to place an order with my online supplier Allen & Page.

 Which in turn led me to do the costing excercise I talked about a week or so ago, due to the increased worldwide costs of animal feeds.


In May 2007

£3.19 for a 5kg sack of Organic Layers Pellets

£3.09 for a 5kg sack of Organic Mized Corn

July 2007

£3.19 for a 5kg sack of Organic Layers Pellets

November 2007

£3.69 for a 5kg sack of Organic Layers Pellets

£3.49 for a 5kg sack of Organic Mixed Corn

February 2008

£3.79 for a 5kg sack of Organic Layers Pellets

£3.59 for a 5kg sack of Organic Mixed Corn

In a space of a year Layers Pellets have gone up 60p per 5kg an increase of 19%.   The Mixed corn has gone up 40p per 5kg sack a 16% increase.

Its not worth my while ordering anything bigger than 5kg sacks as I only have 2 chickens and the layers pellets tend not to have a very long sell by date, and I hate waste .. this also makes it a slightly more expensive way of doing it..

The X Factor


The X Factor Live – Glasgow SECC 23rd February 2008

Well last night seen my friend, her daughter, my daughter and I travelling through to Glasgow SECC for the X Factor Live Concert!

Oh my goodness I dont think my ears have recovered from all the wee girlies screaming, at one point I had to stick my fingers in my ears, the noise was fever pitch and almost glass breaking.   I wonder how many of them are still able to speak today!

The concert was fantastic, our seats were in not too bad a position and all the groups/singers put on a very good performance and  a good time was had by all..

The acts were… Hope, Andy, Alisha, Beverley, Futureproof, Rhydian, Niki, Same Difference and scotland’s own Leon Jackson!


The downside is leaving.. it took us an hour to get out of the car park and back up onto the Motorway, but apart from that we all had a fantastic time.

90th Birthday Card


I’ve been making cards again this evening.

I was asked to make a card for a friend at works mum, who will be 90 at the weekend, if you have been following my blog you will remember last month I made a 90th birthday card for her dad too.

The theme for the card was .. cats or birds or flowers, but not pink, and a happy birthday mum on the front.

I used:

Basic cream card stock from the paper mill shop, the dimpled stuff

I got lovely daisy embossed card at the weekend so used this as the backing paper

A picture of a cat printed out onto canvass type cardstock

Some yellow ribbon

3 Velvet effect flowers from Maya Road and 3 different coloured small round brads from my stock.

I cut out a tag and the number 90 on the cricut machine, threaded some yellow ribbon through the top of the tag, stucj the 90 to the tag itself, then, using a glue pen and clear/white peewee glitters made the 90 sparkly.

 Hope she likes it… will update tomorrow with the verdict.

Visit to our local Farm Shop

Farm Shop Veggies

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My daughter and I took a wee toot in the car along to visit Nancy Wishart at Bankhead Farm Shop.

We bought fruit and vegetables to do us for the whole of next week and also to fit in with our menu which we have planned out.

We bought : Onions, Peppers, Carrots, Brocolli, Cauliflower, Oranges, apples, plums, a pineapple and a couple of lemons and all this for just £8.50

Wee Fluffy Feet

Fluffy FeetOriginally uploaded by TowniesmallholderI was sitting downloading pictures from my camera this morning, because I’d been making choc chip cookies.

Our birman cat just happened to walk past, his wee fluffy legs outlined with the sun streaming in through the window, was too good an opportunity to miss… so here he is mr fluffy feet 🙂