Squirrels always visit when it rains

I always get a wee squirrel visitor to the garden, but it only seems to visit when its raining… I wonder why?

Lovely to look out the kitchen window and see tho’  just look how it’s holding it’s wee hands together.. awww 🙂

Then it seen me and looked straight in the window …

There was also a wood pigeon walking along the roof of my workshop, beautiful colours, i’d thrown some bread and birdseed up there especially for the bigger birds that cant make it to the feeders 🙂



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We chopped down the Lleylandi trees at the side of the house yesterday. They were taller than our house and out of control!

We loaded them up on top of our old Landrover Series iii, before heading off to our local recycling centre with the cuttings.

It was great fun chopping them down.. we had to leave one in place tho, because our resident wood pigeons have built a nest, my son climbed up to the top to check if there was anything inside and there was a baby chick, around 3 weeks old… so we’ll wait until it has flown the nest then that one will be cut down too.

Baby Pigeons… Brood No. 3


Our resident Wood Pigeon has produced another brood… 2 wee babies this time, gosh they dont stay small for long!

 This one likes to sit at the front of the conifer trees, whilst its lovely to have it around, boy does it make some mess! Lets just say this one is well fed!