Evening Glow ~ Birthday Card


Oh I got a parcel in the post today with some new cardmaking goodies that I ordered the other day…

In the parcel was a new Penny Black Stamp called Evening Glow, so I just had to make a card with it and the above card is the result… I can honestly say that I had loads of fun making this card tonight.. ok it took me an absolute age, because I made it up from scratch, but I love it and so does my daughter … result ūüôā

Now… I used the following materials:

Card РPink basic card stock that I got from the paper mill shop 

Backing Paper : Happy Flower Line Up by Pebbles Inc

Layer on top of backing paper : Hanko Designs Tsumugi Cardstock in Soft Cherry

Green Strip across the middle of the card is Bazzill Cardstock in a kinda lime greeney colour.

3 x small gold Grad circles

Fuschia Pink ribbon (thats I bought at the weekend) and the light pink ribbon is American Crafts Elements.

Then we have a fuschia pink plain basic card mounted on foam pads

Then the Penny Black Stamp “Evening Glow” painted in with watercolour paints and her golden hair is a gold sparkling h2o’s paint pot.

Phew! there was a lot of bits n bobs on that card… enjoyed making it tho ūüôā

Dolly Birthday Card


I have been making cards again tonight, The card above was out of the same set as the Jack in the box card I made the other week.¬†¬† I like the way this one turned out and I used some of the ribbon that I bought at the wekend ūüôā¬†¬†¬† The pink patchwork backing paper came in the kit, as did the dolly toppers.

This card was an order for someone at works granddaughter who will be 2.

Ribbons, Paper & Things…

Today my daughter and I took a trip out in the car to a fab wee shop in the next town that sells allsorts…

I had a couple of things in mind, ribbons for my cardmaking (they have a dressmaking dept), and some new dinner plates to replace the ones that have been chipped thro the dishwasher.

In their dressmaking department they have started selling card making stuff (yay!.. cue me being like a kid in a sweetie shop!).

I bought some, well quite a few, different types of ribbon, some 12 x 12 backing papers and a pack of 3 acryllic blocks, for when my new sugar nellie stamps arrive next week (fingers crossed).

Here are some of the ribbons that I bought, I just love the heart ribbon, I bought 2 different widths of this it will make some really nice valentine cards with those :).

ribbons.jpg     valentine-ribbons.jpg

And here are the 12 x 12 papers I bought… I really love the little sweet pea paper its just soooo cute!

green-pink.jpg   pink-green.jpg    little-sweet-pea.jpg

 I got a serious bargin with the plates, they were reduced in the sale, plus I got an even bigger bargin with these other plates I bought, they only had 2 left so I bought them both lol, they will be great for putting my homemade cakes on when we have visitors.

The plain white square plates started off at £7.99 and after the reduction I got them for £1.74 each


The Flowery cake plates started off at £5.99 and after the reduction I got these 2 for £1.49 each  cake-plate.jpg

Then I spied these little beauties, cant wait to make some more muffin sized fairy cakes to put in them ūüôā


I’ve been tagged!

¬†This morning I was checking out my blogroll sites to see what everyone had been getting up to and over on Mud Ranch¬†and found out that i’d been tagged.. now being a bit new to all this (baby blogger) .. the rules are :¬†

  • Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
  • Post the rules on your blog.
  • Post 7 random or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
  • Tag 7 people and link to them.
  • Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged¬†
  • 7 Weird/Random Things About ME!
  1. I have a mole that lives on the top of my head (thank god you cant see it!)
  2. Like Joan on Mud Ranch I love to torment the life out of my cats with cat toys, especially the fishing rod type ones with the featherd toys attached to the end as bait! (great exercise for hovis our Birman house cat).
  3. I love to cook all our food from scratch.
  4. My neighbours think I’m nuts because I have 2 chickens in my back garden! One of them calls me Barbara (off the tv series many yrs ago called “The Good Life”)
  5. I’m a bit of a soft touch¬†where animals and people are concerend an like to look after¬†and care for things….¬†even since I was a wee girl, I used to bring home all the waifs and strays.
  6. I love my old LandRover series iii
  7. I have 9 pets … 2 Springer Spaniels (1 x rescue), 1 Irish Setter (rescue), 1 Birman Cat, 1 Silver tabby Cat (rescue), 2 Chickens and 2 Rabbits (rescues)

¬†I dont have¬†7 people that I¬†would feel comfortable about sending a¬†tag but will do my best ūüôā

ok… here goes…. the people that I wish to pass this tag onto are….

Wild Garlic     The Pondering Sheep    The New Shed   Mud Ranch

We’ve had a Busy Saturday!

I got up this morning and compiled a list of all the jobs that we needed to attend to today, it mounted to a fair few!

First job on the list was to head off round to the local pet shop and bought sawdust, straw, hay, Dog & Cat food and cat litter.

Once I came home, I headed up to the top of¬†the garden, where the rabbits reside and set about cleaning them out.. first to get her hutch spruced up was tweed our little grey netherland dwarf rabbit, she’s a lovely wee thing, she’s got a great personality, and she is cheeky!¬†¬† She likes nothing better than to grunt at you for the inconvenience of having to move whilst you clean her hutch out, and if she isnt grunting, she is trying to box you with her front paws lol.¬†¬† We got tweed as a wee rescue bunny from the New Ark Aminal Rescue Centre in Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

Next to get cleaned out was Harry, we got him¬†from the New Ark, at the same time as Tweed.¬†¬†¬†¬† Harry is a bit like a dutch rabbit, he’s a light browney colour with the white banding across his shoulders.¬†¬† He is an absolute gentleman and very calm and placid.

Once I had finished cleaning them out, they both got a wee cuddle, fresh food, water, fresh carrots and cabbage leaves.

Next job on the agenda was the chickens.¬†¬† I set about cleaning out the Eglu, I let the girls out for a wander round the garden whilst I was doing it.¬†¬† Eglu’s are soooo easy to clean out, so it took me no time at all… fresh wood shavings, assembled the eglu, topped up their glug and grub bowls… all done.

Next was the cat litter trays, we have one indooors and one in Jerry’s shed/Run.

After all that I got cleaned up and headed out to see Nancy at the Farm Shop with my daughter.   This week we bought..




Red Peppers

Spring Onions






Red Grapes



and this gorgeous looking wee Courgette (my impulse buy! lol)


After the farm shop, we had an appointment at the beauticians to get our eyebrows waxed, then it was into the car and driving back home.

When we arrived back home, I put away all the veggies/fruit and started to make the tea.. homemade lasagne from scratch :o) and boy was it good (yum) and because I made a huge big dish of it there is enough left for tomorrow too… you just cant beat second day lasagne.

Sympathy Cards ~ Thinking of You..

thinking-of-you-2.jpg       tou.jpg

I have been making cards again tonight…I was given an order today at work for a sympathy card, my colleague wanted something simple with the wording “thinking of you” on the front.

The first card is a pre-embossed DCWV card and I used white ribbon and a layered sentiment using joanna sheen backing paper and card.

The second card, uses lovely backing paper in a column down the centre with a stick-on flower, and the sentiment just layered a wee bit at the bottom of the card.

 I like the way these 2 have turned out, plus it will give my colleague  a choice.

Pink, Pink & more Pink

to-a-special-daughter.jpg     happy-birthday-sis.jpg      seventeen.jpg  

I’ve been making cards again tonight :o)

The first card was made using a heidi swapp large material flower and a padded button centre, matching self adhesive pink ribbon and pale pink striped backing paper, the sentiment was made using by layering white card with the pink backing paper, the silky pink ribbon tab at the bottom have the wording “love” on it.

The second card was made using a DCWV heart card, I sprinkled one of the hearts with pee-wee glitter.  Floral backing paper, then a pinky/purple heart cut out with my cricut machine and the happy birthday sis lettering printed out onto bazzil paper and cut out to fit.

The third card is very similar to the one I made the other night which is also featureed within my blog, titled sweet sixteen.¬†¬† That card was made for someone at work, whilst I was delivering it someone else who was in the same office loved the card and ordered one for her niece’s 17th birthday..¬† so its of a similar design and papers, the only difference being the ribbons are slightly different, I changed the tab to read “Seventeen”¬†and I added a heart shaped brad.

Daisy Daisy

Daisy Daisy……….

Originally uploaded by Towniesmallholder

This picture was taken for my flickr group 7 Days of Shooting – Its Week #27 – and the theme for this week is Fences & Railings, with today being Macro and Close Up Monday.

This is a picture of the fencing that keeps my chickens safe and sound from Mr Fox in the evenings and when were at work. The lovely little lady in the picture is Daisy our Light Sussex