A Lazy weekend

Its been a lazy weekendy for everyone .. …

Last night I took a picture of the Super Moon.. aparantely it’s the closest it has been to earth for 18 years!

The spaniels took up residence on the sofa  this morning…

Hovis our Birman cat sat watching a couple of wood pigeon eating grass on our front lawn

This pair have a nest in a big fir tree in our back garden

Then chunky thought he was missing out and came to give me a hand taking pictures of the wood pigeons 🙂



I lost my one of my favourite hens today… Daisy our Light Sussex passed away sitting in her fav spot in the run, it was totally unexpected, she was 4 😦

We seem to be having a time of it lately with our pets, on saturday evening our Birman cat Hovis had a mild siezure, so we are monitoring him closely, he seems to be fine now and back to his normal self.


I’ve not posted on here for a long time… and it’s been getting a tad neglected, so today I decided to put this to rights.

My hubby bought me a new camera last week, its a Nikon Coolpix L100, i’m still getting used to it and have had a few really beautiful pictures and some real disasters lol….

So my post today is pictures from around Scotland.. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did snapping them 🙂


A Jacob Ram snapped with his little lady friend… (Joan over at Mudranch would prob like to see this one 😉 )



Some fungi growing up in the top corner of my garden…



A ruined building in the middle of a field just outside the village of Strathmiglo.. notice the crow sitting on the top right ledge.



Finally a close up shot of Hovis, my birman cat… I just love the expression on his face, the sun was shining in his face so he kinda screwed his face up a bit…