Alive and Kicking

Its October already and I have been a bad blogger, sadly neglecting this little corner of my life {{hangs head in shame}}

I’m still here.. just not been posting much on this blog… when i’m not working during the day you can find me crafting away in the evenings in my workshop at the top of the garden, making cards, mini books,  and crafty projects for a design team that I am on…

I’m still taking loads of pictures, all the animals and birds and doing fine, although our little elederly lady Tweed the Netherland dwarf bunny is a tad arthritic in her back legs, and I’m hoping she will make it through the winter this year.

A big Thank you to Val for giving me the prod needed to get me back into this blog again … thanks Val xx

I promise to post something once a week …. so for now i’ll leave you with a picture of some fungus that was growing in our front garden a few weeks back… the neighbours must have through i’d lost the plot, I had to get down on the floor to take this one 😉


🙂 Sarah