Mars Bar Rice Krispie Squares


Ingredients :

  • 4oz Rice Krispies
  • 4oz Butter
  • 4 Large Mars Bars (I used 8 of the snack sized ones)


  • Place a heavy based pan on the cooker top with the gas/electricity turned down low
  • put the butter into pan and melt
  • chope the mars bars into thick chunks and put those into the pan
  • leave the mars bars for a minute or two until they start to melt
  • then stir continuously until it all comes together
  • pour in the rice kirspies and stir until covered in the hot chocolatey mixture
  • empy the contents into an oblong container and flatted down with the back of a spoon until its evenly spread over the container
  • once cooled cut into slices
  • Pour yourself a cuppa and have a slice or 3 🙂

Enjoy ….. 😉


One thought on “Mars Bar Rice Krispie Squares

  1. I only tried to amke this once.. I melted the marsbars in the microwave. One wee zap wasn’t enough so I put the bowl in again and then it went like lava – a hot big molten lump and when it cooled it wouldn’t come off my bowl!

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